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  • Electric Co-Op's Love Us!

  • We Prove Reductions in Downtime, Fines, and Lost Revenue

    Our Aerial Services Go "Above and Beyond"

    • UAV Recon, a "Solutions Provider", is excellent at turn-key sUAS inspection operations.
    • Climbing comparable inspection of +50 miles of line per day.
    • We help Utilities prove significant ROI, many have saved over $60,000!
    • For energized assets, we eliminate both downtime and prior safety concerns. 
    • We use VOLT data services for turn-key packages.
    • We know what we're looking for, no need escort us.
  • What Our Clients Say About Us

    Contact us for full reference list, consisting of over 2 dozen utilities.

  • You have made climbing poles for inspections way easier. We really like that you know what to look for.


  • I came into our phone call a skeptic, but after meeting I think there could be some pretty cool applications in a plant setting.

    Reliability Engineer - Refinery

  • The level of details captured from their drone is more than sufficient for our annual inspections....and much quicker.


  • There‚Äôs no question that Dusty is the entrepreneur of a high-tech solution to an old maintenance practice.

    Electrical Sales Engineer

  • The VOLT team you have is way faster than we could do in house, awesome idea!

    Public Power District

  • Your data is of 'excellent quality.' Can evaluate wood components extensively on pole tops and upper part of the structure, significantly better than from the ground. Ability to zoom in is very helpful.

    Electrical G&T

  • Your business model if perfect for Co-Op's...the old school lineman on our crew even like this.

    Co-Op Lineman

  • Dawson Power highly recommends this company!

    Gwen Kautz - Dawson Public Power District - General Manager

  • You saved us from wasting time and money. Thank You