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  • Avoid Costly Downtime, Fines, And Lost Revenue

    Our Aerial Services Go "Above and Beyond"

    • UAV Recon provides turn-key sUAS ( small unmanned aerial systems) operations, training, and sales.
    • Inspections are measured in minutes - not hours/days.
    • We WILL save you money vs traditional inspection methods.
    • Industrial and commercial inspections can require equipment downtime and create safety concerns; Our services can eliminate both downtime and prior safety concerns. 
    • For inspections that require lift-trucks, cranes, ladders and/or rigging...We setup and launch in less than five minutes, and begin inspecting immediately.
  • What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "There’s no question that Dusty is the entrepreneur of a high-tech solution to an old maintenance practice."

    Tom Jones - Electrical Sales Engineer

  • “I came into our phone call a skeptic, but after meeting I think there could be some pretty cool applications in a plant setting.”

    Reliability Engineer

  • “The level of details captured from their drone is more than sufficient for our annual inspections....and much quicker."