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  • Why UAV Recon Became the Most Preferred Vendor for Powerline Inspections

    If you’re an electric utility, this will save your bacon! FREE stuff at the end too… Having flown over 10,000 structures this year alone, conducting aerial assessments from 7200 – 230kV, we have been able to provide the most TIME & COST effective business model for powerline [...]

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    Solar - The Hot Topic

    Decision Ready Data – This is your goal! For utilities that have implemented solar arrays, you might have experienced tight maintenance budgets. First what is maintenance?   Only fixing the ‘visible’ problems doesn’t mean you have addressed everything. In many cases, the[...]

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    Drones Create a Data Problem

    Data Management! A Key topic for utilities is how to manage the millions of data points being collected by technology daily. Recently at the RMEL conference in Denver, I heard an excellent analogy. Google is collecting tremendous amounts of data regarding traffic conditions from thousands of [...]

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