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  • Solar - The Hot Topic

    Decision Ready Data – This is your goal! For utilities that have implemented solar arrays, you might have experienced tight maintenance budgets. First what is maintenance?   Only fixing the ‘visible’ problems doesn’t mean you have addressed everything. In many cases, the[...]

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    Drones Create a Data Problem

    Data Management! A Key topic for utilities is how to manage the millions of data points being collected by technology daily. Recently at the RMEL conference in Denver, I heard an excellent analogy. Google is collecting tremendous amounts of data regarding traffic conditions from thousands of [...]

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    Aerial Services, Private Right of Ways, & Police...

    (Image above reflects advisories not visible from the ground, making aerial services effective in helping maintenance plans)   As the predominate sUAS powerline inspection service company in our area, statistically, an altercation with a land owner is probable. This article is relevant for [...]

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    UAV Recon Launches Partner Program

    High Demand Requires Partner Network UAV Recon has traveled to many different states comparing the sUAS solutions in the utility industry, specially transmission & distribution line inspections. According to all clients we have visited with so far, our proprietary software solution exceeds other[...]

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