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  • Unmanned Aircraft Services – Drones / sUAS

  • UAV Recon is most known for our Transmission Line & Substation Services; although our equipment is versatile for other solutions as well.
    sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System) includes a remote controlled drone and associated attached equipment. Our operators adhere to both FAA Part 107 and the operating limits of the aircraft.
    sUAS is preferred for projects meeting any of the following criteria; High Resolution, Quick Response, Short Distances, Detailed Inspections, and/or Client Oversight.
    • Radiometric Thermography / IR
    • High Resolution Color Image & Video
    • Confined Spaces
    • Spot/Asset Inspection
    • Manual & Autonomous Flight Modes
    • Substations, Transmission Line, Flare Stacks
    • Communication Towers, Water Towers, 'Vertical Structures'
    • Coal Boilers, Vessels, & Storage Tanks
    • Damage & Incident Monitoring