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  • Drones Create a Data Problem

    Data Management!

    A Key topic for utilities is how to manage the millions of data points being collected by technology daily. Recently at the RMEL conference in Denver, I heard an excellent analogy. Google is collecting tremendous amounts of data regarding traffic conditions from thousands of devices and users simultaneously and has consolidated it down to a ‘Red line, Yellow line, and Green line.’ As drivers, we don’t care how many points of data it takes to avoid bad traffic…we just care about the results.

    With the addition of sUAS (drones) into the inspection workflow, one of the largest challenges is managing, reviewing, categorizing, and getting the data into a decision ready format….that doesn’t take weeks. The data significance and complexity is often overlooked.

    Many drone operator service businesses lack the ability to interpret the imagery for their client. Literally showing up with a drone, flying the poles, and leaving the client with a jump drive of images. Was a problem really solved?

    UAV Recon has been beta testing V.O.L.T since 2017, the #1 comment we get back is… ‘We’re glad we didn’t have to go through all the data, we just want to know what problems we have…and what structure they are on.’ Literally, some clients didn’t even want the images…just the decision ready data!

    Having reviewed over 100,000 images consisting mostly of 34.5kV – 115kV structures, EVERY project has identified at least 1 critical advisory (many in most cases), so significant…. it has paid for/justified the total sUAS operation. Since all the data is decision ready, the utilities role was deciding how to fix the advisories, not who gets stuck behind a PC for weeks.

    So, if your looking to implement a drone program (internal or external) for inspecting electrical infrastructure…are you solving a problem or creating another one?

    Contact us to hear how UAV Recon & V.O.L.T can provide decision ready data on your transmission and distribution line in less than 9 days…guaranteed.

    This hardware advisory was on structure ID XXXX, loop-fed, 69kV, easy access. Decision Ready, What's Yours?