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    Decision Ready Data – This is your goal!

    For utilities that have implemented solar arrays, you might have experienced tight maintenance budgets. First what is maintenance?


    Only fixing the ‘visible’ problems doesn’t mean you have addressed everything. In many cases, the ‘non-visible’ advisories outweigh the visible ones.

    So, you hire a drone guy and they take photos for you. Then, you must go through the data and analyze it yourself. Did you use thermal imagery? That’s what’s Hot!


    Just as going to the doctor, you don’t expect the doctor to give X-Rays and say good luck?!

    No, you expect the doctor to tell you what’s wrong, where, and how to fix it.


    That’s what we do. Except the repair…you already have quality people for that.


    By utilizing UAV Recon for solar sites, we complete all the steps from flight, data review, advisory identification with cell level locating, then creating a repair action list for your technician to fulfill. All of this is accessible via complimentary tablet friendly software used for onsite work order tracking.


    Decision Ready Data – This is your goal!