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  • UAV Recon Earns $1 Million Dollar Rapid Response Service Contract

    UAV Recon, a utility sUAS service entity, was awarded a $1 million dollar contract for rapid response aerial services, an effective investment as #Dorian’s path continues to evolve.

    In preparation for hurricane season, proactive utilities across the Southeastern part of the United States select solutions that enable quicker restoration efforts. Among others, one utility in Florida elected UAV Recon for their natural disaster solutions for the 2019 season. As #hurricane #Dorian encroaches on the Southeastern seaboard, thousands of lineman and emergency personnel mobilize to aid those regions needing mutual aid.

    The electric utility will utilize drones and manned aircraft for post storm damage assessment. The coverage rate and efficiency of the data workflow we choose to use will ensure our contract award is used effectively. Our team has already been used on two significant natural disasters already this year.

    “Enabling our sUAS flight crews with the best solutions makes our mutual aid initiatives very impactful. We chose to use software and data solutions by VOLT™, because their tools are super intuitive, fast, and affordable,” said Jared Buller - Operations Manager for UAV Recon.

     UAV Recon has teams in multiple states, while having conducted sUAS based utility inspections in over 13 states in just the last couple years. As a utility specific provider, UAV Recon is known for niche sUAS solutions for electric utilities.

    Among the services provided by UAV Recon, manned aircraft solution provider Air Data Solutions was also awarded multiple contracts for pre & post storm mutual aid in the southeast. “We also chose the VOLT™ tools to aid our data deliverable, their tools exceed our client’s expectations,” said Don Cummins – President of Air Data Solutions.

    Both entities choose VOLT™ data tools, like LiVE & RapidRecon to enable their clients quicker actionable data. Dusty Birge, President of VOLT said “The LiVE tool yields damage assessment reports upon landing, and this speed and detailed data is what utilities want to help boost restoration efforts.”

    UAV Recon is honored to be included in the mutual aid initiatives and wish all residents safety throughout the storm, and all responders a safe return home.

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